Who Owns Water? More Valuable than Oil.

Blue Gold:

http://www.bluegold-worldwaterwars.com/. This is an excellent documentary about capitalism and the rare resource of water. If you can see it (or read the book), do. Interesting discussion of world hydrology and who owns the water we drink.

On 12/26/10 the bigger-than-life ex governor Jesse Ventura had a segment on what is happening to America’s water.  Among other items he shows how Nestlé has bought up water rights in Michigan and ships water around the world.  Jesse’s show characterizes this as theft.  I think that Nestlé, like BP has a large strategic legal staff on retainer and I’m fairly certain that that there is little that is illegal.  On the other hand this well-managed corporation operates with an emphasis on profit and long-term predatory consequences in human or environmental terms are not a part of the equation.  Therefore, I’m suggesting it as “BUY” in Machimon’s portfolio.



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