Dresden Codex Project Updated

The Dresden Codex is one of the few writings of the Maya of 12th Century Yucatán, MX not destroyed by representatives of the Catholic church in their haste to erase “primitive” culture and reinforce the teachings of the one true and universal faith.  Of course, Landa and his ilk did not have the benefit of 21st century perspective as we do not have 25th century perspective. 

Be that as it may, the literary corpus of a culture that had independently discovered the concept of “zero” and developed a sophisticated written language was destroyed by Landa and others as works of the devil.  Several of these books, or codexes, survive and one of them, in Dresden, has been updated by the “Dresden Codex Project”and is available at http://www.dresdencodex.com/

The Dresden Codex contains astronomical tables of the Maya of Chichén Itzá of the 11th or 12th century.  It may be a copy of an earlier text perhaps 400 years earlier.  The sophistication of the Maya is interesting for its accuracy.  It may be the earliest text written in the new world.

Ing. Carlos Barrera Atuesta of Colombia has made an interesting contribution to the project in his “Entorno Astronómico del Décimo Segundo Aniversario de los Ritos de Dedicación del Grupo de la Cruz de Palenque.” This a scholarly article in Spanish but provides perspective on what may have been the most interesting body of knowledge of the time.

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