Iceland Launches US Spy Probe

Certainly Iceland, between Russia and New England, is critical to the balance of power in the world.  The US cannot afford to miss a beat in monitoring the pulse of foreign nations.  Nations monitor other nations. Monaco has its “Department of External Affairs of the Principality of Monaco,” which is mostly outsourced to France.   Then there is the Pacific island countries such as Palau, which are important to the US (don’t forget Midway).   – carlos

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) — Iceland has joined other Nordic countries in launching an investigation into a controversial U.S. Embassy surveillance program.

Iceland’s Ministry of Justice and Human Rights will try to determine whether the U.S. embassy’s program of monitoring some citizens violates the civil rights of residents living near the embassy, which sits in a residential area in Reykjavik’s old city center.

The inquiry was spurred by media reports in Norway and Swedenthat linked U.S. embassies there to possible espionage against citizens of those countries, including allegedly taking pictures of street demonstrations and of people deemed security risks, sparking a wave of anti-American sentiments that has spread throughout the region.,0,699507.story


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