Wikileaks on the Run

How to Find Wikileaks and Follow Cablegate

There has been massive and orchestrated attack on the hosting of Wikileaks files, from a distributed denial of service, to Amazon dumping Wikileaks because they felt their underwear moisten after a call from Senator Joe Lieberman, to everyDNS effectively blaming Wikileaks for the denial of service, and now Julian Assange may be arrested by INTERPOL at any moment, on ridiculously trumped up charges designed to sequester him and maybe prepare for an extradition to the U.S. I have therefore been asked many times how one can find Wikileaks, search the cables, and follow which cables are being released and when. This post is meant to address all of those questions, and also asks you to support Wikileaks.

Finding the Wikileaks website:

Current main site:




Hall of Mirrors:

Documents that were leaked previous to Collateral Murder, the Afghan War Diary, the Iraq War Logs, and Cablegate, can be found cached, along with older Wikileaks articles, on sites such as If you know the title of the document, you might also find it cached in Google. Zero Anthropology itself hosts numerous documents leaked via Wikileaks, in our online library.

Searching the Cables:


No-Longer Secret US Embassy Cables – Fulltext Search:

Follow Live Blogging of the Cables:

Greg Mitchell at The Nation:

Wikileaks U.S. Embassy Cables, Live Updates at The Guardian:

The Lede – Latest Updates on Leak of U.S. Cables, at The New York Times:

WikiLeaks Cablegate LIVE Updates at the Huffington Post:

Follow Wikileaks Itself:

On Twitter:

On Facebook:


UPDATE: As the US state-supporting corporations that dominate the Internet continue to strangulate Wikileaks, be careful that you are not sending a donation via a service that has suspended or eliminated Wikileaks as an account holder. The latest example: PayPal (see here and here).

Support – Main:

Via “Collateral Murder” :

Daniel Ellsberg: Boycott Amazon

Highly Recommend Central Information Resource:


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