Destruction of Yucatan Site Complicated by Connected “farmer.”

The “farmer” responsible for turning a mayan archeological site into a  potrero or paddock for his horses was not, as some of us may have assumed, a simple, possibly illiterate farmer.

Not so, and not so much a farmer, Ricardo Ascencio Maldonado on Youtube is president of Exatec Yucatan.  Exatec is the alumni association of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey which has worldwide chapters.  Here is the description:

“Welcome to Tecnológico de Monterrey. We are an institution of higher education that prepares students to become responsible citizens and promote development of their communities. Promote in them the values of humanistic, international vision and entrepreneurial culture. We are present throughout Mexico through 31 campuses and in several countries with offices liaison offices and our University Virtua l.”

So, the reported “farmer” may more connected than we thought.  What INAH or other governmental agencies may do with this remains to be seen.  Of course Mexico is a complex country with many conflicting interests.  I doubt that this destruction will be high on anyone’s list


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