What are the long-term results of leaks?

Current news has tempo in the blogosphere but occasionally an item of historical interest 

Richard M Nixon

can illuminate current events.  So it is with the tapes that Nixon made ostensibly to secure a place in history.  These tapes separate the real man from public spin and tell us of the man behind the times.  These were the times of wiretapping the press, secret Cambodian bombing, breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters (Watergate), the plumbers, and Daniel Ellsberg’s courageous exposure of.  Although these happenings have faded in the public mind because of generational shift, they rattled the foundations of our republic and caused a president to resign. – carlos

400 Hours and Counting Published: December 18, 2010

Mercifully, there are only 400 hours of tape recordings left to be released in the appalling Oval Office maunderings of Richard Nixon, the president who secretly recorded himself in hopes of securing a grand place in history. The tapes undid him in the Watergate scandal, and their steady release across the years has confirmed Nixon, among other things, as a foul-spirited bigot.

This from a politician who promised voters to “bring us together.” And while the tapes’ historic value cannot be denied, we cannot listen without cringing.

In the latest batch, black people “have to be, frankly, inbred” if they are to catch up with the rest of America. The Irish get “mean” when they drink. Italians are “wonderful people” whose heads are not “screwed on tight.”

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