Have you wondered what shepherds do under cover of night?

I have previously commented on human isolation and the need for companionship especially those who may have difficulty attracting a significant other

Shepherds live a lonely life.  High in the mountain meadows with a campfire and a flute to accompany the wolves and a faithful dog at their feet.  Ah the bucolic bliss of a simpler life!  But, shepherds are not so simple and an idle mind is fertile ground for the muse to soar and imagine – what if?

I will not suggest any banal theme but urge you to watch:


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2 Responses to Have you wondered what shepherds do under cover of night?

  1. Barbara says:

    Tee hee. Couldn’t resist, could you? I loved the “Pong” scene….such a hoot. But what really got me were the dogs. How well trained are they? Wow!

    • carlos says:

      Yeah, those dogs were great. The whole thing reminded me of the carvings at Nazca, Peru. You really can’t see it but from the air

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