Astrology 14, Steven Schmidt: Stellar Revolution

I feel bad about stealing fire, but additional zodiacal signs have been the news lately.  Steven Schmidt and I were technical writer/editors at the Jet Propulsion Labs working on the Surveyor and Mariner Programs.  Steve had an idea that, as a top wobbles, the stars above us move over time.

I Googled his book and to my amazement, this book is available on Amazon and other sources.  I wouldn’t have predicted this but I was wrong about the Beatles at first too.  His research showed that the belt of the Zodiac had stretched to include two additional constellations, Ophiucus, and Cetus.  I am not an astrologer by any stretch, but my friend Steven Schmidt did his interesting work about 4o years ago. Steve, if your still out there let me know and say hello to Mitzi – carlos

Astrology 14, Steven Schmidt

Available at Amazon…

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