Neandertal Nose Not so Big?

It made perfect sense to me.  I had lived in the mountains one winter and it gor cold, really cold, about -18 deg F. I had to walk two miles home at night and was cautioned to breathe through my nose or my lungs could freeze.  I thought of thousands of years of Neandertal families and I could visualize all the button-nose Neandertals having fallen by the wayside.  They compared the Neandertals to 1500-yo Lithuanians.  I think they mean recently exhumed Lithuanians because there was no Lithuania before about 1,000 CE. -carlos

Neanderthal faces were not adapted to cold

January 17, 2011 by Lin Edwards


First reconstruction of Neanderthal man. Image: Ther Neanderthaler Fund. Publisher: Marcus, Bonn. Via Wikipedia.

( — New research into Neanderthal skulls suggests that facial features believed for over a century to be adaptations to extreme cold are unlikely to have evolved in response to glacial periods after all.

Neanderthal faces had prominent cheekbones and wide noses previously thought to have developed in extremely cold periods because large sinuses were needed to warm air as it was inhaled. One problem with this theory is that modern people such as the Inuits, and other mammals living in Arctic regions have not developed large sinuses, and their sinuses are often smaller, and another problem is that it has never been proven that Neanderthal sinuses were larger.

A team led by Dr Todd C. Rae from the Centre for Research in  at Roehampton University in the UK took previously published measurements of X-Rays and new data from three-dimensional (3D)  (CT) scans of nine Neanderthal skulls, all dated at over 28,000 years old. They then collected measurements from four Homo sapiens skulls from  in Lithuania and dated from 300 to 1,500 years old. They compared the two sets of measurements to determine how large the sinuses of  actually were.

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