Rage in North Africa! Libya Uses sub-Saharan Mercenaries to Crush Protestors!

Civil War?  Is there a Terminal Age for Tyranny?






Libyan Protestor





Plato noted long ago that nothing is static in human governance.  Governments evolve (or devolve) from ideal forms into degenerate ones.  Monarchies become tyrannies become aristocracies become timocracies become oligarchies become democracies.  (Plato didn’t think much of democracy, but that’s another story.)

Libya is now at center stage. By far the bloodiest confrontation of the current drama of unrest in the Middle East.  Libya is said to be importing sub-Saharan mercenaries, possibly because native Libyan troops are seen as unreliable. Checkout realtime twitter feed and Phillip Brennan’s blog for a video. What this means for the future is unclear.  North Africa is aflame and the global implications are serious.  – carlos

Libya Tweets…


Phillip Brennan’s blog w/ video of mercenary

LIBYA: African mercenaries imported by Kadafi to quash protests, Al Arabiya reports

February 19, 2011 | 12:38 pm

Embattled Libyan leader Muammar Kadafi has flown in hundreds of mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa to quash protests threatening his 41-year-old regime, the Al Arabiya network reported Saturday, quoting witnesses to the arriving foreign recruits.

Protesters in Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city and an anti-Kadafi stronghold, captured some of the imported gunmen, the news agency said. The captured French-speaking mercenaries admitted to having been recruited by Kadafi’s son, Khamis, to confront the unrest threatening to topple one of the region’s longest-reigning regimes, Al Arabiya reported.

The agency said witnesses reported seeing four planes carrying mercenaries land in Benina International Airport near Benghazi. The British-based website jeel.libya.net reported earlier that several planes carrying foreign recruits in Libyan army uniforms landed at a military airport near Tripoli.

The crackdown on anti-Kadafi demonstrators has resulted in at least 84 deaths, the New York-based Human Rights Watch reported from sources in the region.

— Carol J. Williams

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  1. Susan Sayler says:

    Hi Carlos
    Michael Moore started a page on his website for teenagers that plays into this post about Egypt:
    Its my theory that the new generations are wise beyond our understanding. But they grew up without the Taboos that their Parents knew. The new global world makes it hard to suppress them.

    • carlos says:

      Thanks Suzanne,
      I’ll take a look. I agree. I get frustrated over the usual things (sent granddaughter a guitar & she sold it for softball gear). I pierced my own ear back in the ’60s and was a child of the times, but each generation finds it’s own way. The thing I try to do is sponsor the smart one’s

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