Libya – Third World War: How small things grow

Libyan Population Distribution 2011

  1. What are some the dynamics of the Libyan revolution?  The population is young, underemployed, frustrated.
  2. The players are:  The Gaddafi oligarchy
  3. International oil
  4. World fear of intervention

These are some of the factors and the most fearful is world fear of the loss of oil.  Gaddafi and his son have positioned the regime internationally with oil that (mostly) oils the wheels of Europe, with a wide range of interlocking business interests, and ruthlessness.

The oil companies and world governments are frozen in the face of his oil. But the world has shown little appetite to intervene in Rwanda, Uganda, Chad, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and others.  The common themes behind this inaction are oil, minerals, diamonds, and lack of a moral compass.

Libya is using warplanes, sub-Saharan mercenaries, helicopters, etc. against a populations with sticks and stones.   Here is the Declaration of Human Rights.  It’s worth a look.  Can we allow genocide to occur over and over?  carlos


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