Will the Real Gaddafi Please Stand Up?


Saif on Turkish/CNN

I just saw a 4-part interview with Saif al-Islam given to a Turkish interviewer.  He has plans a,b, and c.  They are all to live and die in Libya.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mNyIhg_png&feature=youtu.be

Not having seen many other Gaddafi children speaking, I venture to guess he is the most articulate Gaddafi.  His sister, Aisha, however, is certainly better looking than Saif but does not articulate the Gaddafi strategy except to say that she is not leaving soon.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4sp-8Z0Qu4


Gaddafi’s Management Team

Saif El Islam

As the era of Gaddafi slowly, ever so slowly wends its way over the bodies of the sons and daughters of Libya it is important to remember that Gaddafi doesn’t appear to have the focus to manage the “sophisticated country” that Libya has become.  We have to ask who has been complicit in his reign of terror?

One can lance a boil but the wound must be cleaned or a sepsis may result.  The Gaddafi children are the foundation and infrastructure that maintains the Libyan state.

Also complicit are power brokers of the West who have allowed Libya to act as a terrorist country, blow up airplanes, and engage in atrocities worthy of  Caligula.  There aren’t many hands that are clean here, some common consensus allows madmen to continue to act out.

There is much to accomplish and one should never disband an army, as the US did in Iraq.  The next question is whether the wave of revolution will continue and whether the intensity of this one will foreshadow an increasingly determined opposition.

Muhammad al-G                      Runs Olympic committee

Saif al-Islam Muammar al-G  Spokesman, PhD, London School of Economics

Saadi                                         Married to mil daughter, footballer

Muatessem-Billal                     Nat security advisor

Hannibal Muammer                Unpredictable

Saif al Arab                              No info

Khamis                                     Police Special forces militia

Ayeshha al-G                            Lawyer (Best looking)


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