Manning in Forced Positions in Brig

Apparently, Bradley Manning hasn’t been questioned enough.  If we continue to question him maybe he will give us enough to construe a case against Julian Assange.

Bradley is in the US Navy brig for copying a trove of classified material including US embassy cables that contain assessments of conditions and personalities.

The countries affected are many.  Of course, what embassies do is collect information on economics, politici, and anything that might be of interest to the government. Some of the information may not be flattering.

He might be a latter day Daniel Ellsberg but probably not.  He’s a PFC not a PhD and doesn’t have the gravitas of being a high level advisor to the pentagon. He is also 23 and gay, a quality not overlooked by KGO’s Christine Craft last night (3/6/11) as she managed a call in show last night regarding Bradley’s treatment in the brig.

When you stick out your neck as Bradley has you know it’s like stepping off a cliff.  Ellsberg eventually came out on top for his expose of “The Pentagon Papers,” I don’t think Bradley will do as well.

Ordinarily, I would think that the brig can’t be that bad.  They don’t keep on torturing you when you’re waiting for trial, do they?  They want Assange as an example to other would-be enablers.

They may possibly get him too. I think he’s a bona fide award-winning journalist but there is more than one way to skin a cat.  I think all he has to do is lie to an FBI agent Title 18,US Code, Section 1001).

Obama Must Halt Inhumane Treatment of Bradley Manning

By: Gregg Levine Friday March 4, 2011 7:11 am

All Americans should be horrified and outraged by yesterday’s revelations that PFC Bradley Manning, already being held under Maximum Security and a Prevention of Injury (POI) order, has now been forced to spend seven hours each night and morning stripped naked:

“Last night, PFC Manning was inexplicably stripped of all clothing by the Quantico Brig. He remained in his cell, naked, for the next seven hours. At 5:00 a.m., the Brig sounded the wake-up call for the detainees. At this point, PFC Manning was forced to stand naked at the front of his cell.

The Duty Brig Supervisor (DBS) arrived shortly after 5:00 a.m. When he arrived, PFC Manning was called to attention. The DBS walked through the facility to conduct his detainee count. Afterwards, PFC Manning was told to sit on his bed. About ten minutes later, a guard came to his cell to return his clothing.”

This degrading and deplorable treatment comes on top of months of solitary confinement, shackling, and severe restrictions on Manning’s contact with the outside world.

Manning has neither been tried on any count nor convicted of any crime. While we cannot say exactly why the US government has chosen to make this escalation in his harsh treatment coincide with the introduction of a slate of new charges, the idea that Bradley Manning’s treatment is measured or necessary strains credulity. Inside the brig at Quantico, Manning has not proven to be a danger to himself or his jailers, and his behavior has been noted to be exemplary.

That the Obama Administration continues to go down this road is unfathomable. The same president that campaigned condemning torture and pledged to close the US detention facility in Guantanamo within a year has now imported GTMO-style abuse to a government facility inside the continental United States. It is not only shameful, but sweeps the legs out from under any moral superiority this administration can claim over its predecessor.

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