The Failure of American Journalism

What has happened to American Journalism?

I find myself going to Al Jazeera daily because it is news.  Sometime about 20 years ago someone decided that news should become a profit center instead of a profit sink.  The news has become entertainment.

CNN used to be a choice but they are asking the public to vote on what news they want to hear – yes, voting on the news.

Then there is Anderson Cooper not exactly Walter Cronkite (despite the hair).  Anderson should be writing editorials instead of reporting news.  MSNBC is just a left wing reflection of Fox.  Al Jazeera inspires confidence.

Al Jazeera News Video…


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One Response to The Failure of American Journalism

  1. mymisstake says:

    What I’d like to ask, in a similar vein or if you consider, as I do, television programming to be another form of journalism, what the heck happened to you guys? Have you been taken over by the Pod People invaders from Outer Space?

    Time was, not so very long ago, that any kind of media worth its salt was quick to pick up on threads that lead to exposing a scandal, an inequity, a conflict of interest for our statemen or judges.

    Now, even though I have significant and formidable evidence of something similar no one is interested. The story practically writes itself, its huge but try to get the attention of media? Forget it. This story involves an injustice against millions of citizens ill-equipped in these economic times to deal with a business that “legally” robs people. They haven’t the time, the funds or the knowledge to fight back against these heavy-handed bullies who have managed to weave themselves into the fabric of our justice system.

    So I would just like someone or two of them to answer, please, what the heck happened? You used to be a resource we could count on that contributed much to the cause of holding people accountable and ethics in our justice system.

    Have you, too, been bought and paid for so that your opinion, a close-minded one, is already made up. You won’t listen to the facts apparently.

    How sad that is. I think today incidents which used to be brought to justice are slipping by unrecognized for what they are. Its one more reason why I have a growing uneasiness about this country and what it used to hold itself out to be.

    What do you do with these burning questions that have no answer and no resource to find one on our own?

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