Recent Lambayeque Sacrifice Site Found

Peruvian ancient temple reveals secrets of human sacrifice

Lambayeque, Mar. 09 (ANDINA). Archaeologists in northern Peru have discovered hidden frescoes in a major center of human sacrifice dating back to the ancient Lambayeque culture.

“We are talking about an area that is over 600 meters squared where rituals of human sacrifice or offering have been carried out that were very important in Lambayeque society,” Bruning Museum director Carlos Wester was quoted as saying by NTDTV.

Wester added that “it is probable they were carrying out human sacrifices here because we are very close to a site where we found more than 30 sacrificed women, a very large ceremony for these past societies and this seems to be the central atrium where these rituals were carried out.”

The Lambayeque or Sican culture developed on the northern coast of Peru between about AD 700 and 1300, thriving to 900-1000, between the Moche and Chimu cultures.

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