North Africa, Near East: The Tipping Point

The fire next time

Ok, I'm a Buddhist but my soul is Arab

I continue to worry about the wildfire in North Africa.  Should a change of government prevail in many of the governments of the Middle East, North Africa?  This has already become a fait acompli.  What opportunities or constraints will more change will present in the future?  I think it is fairly clear that loose-cannon states like Libya are an albatross around the necks of the Arab polity of states.  The elimination of the grossly aberrant Arab states like Libya can only benefit the more classic Arab states.

No calculus will be sufficient to satisfy all points of view. It may be in the interest of these classic states to clean house in the interest of peace and the avoidance of chaos, for chaos is certainly on the horizon.

The US should not intervene unilaterally because this would be ”tres Bush et Cheney.”  It would feed the fires of neocolonialism.  All responsible parties have a stake in peace and the resumption of commerce. The future of the world is in the hands of the people who will benefit from its outcome. – carlos



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