11th Hour Reprieve: Libya. Too Late?

Gaddafi hears the people

At the very last moment Russia and China abstain from the vote leaving a unanimous vote for a no fly zone and “all necessary measures” short of occupation to protect the Libyan people from Gaddafi’s superior firepower.  The alternative, most certainly, would have been the river of blood Gaddafi and his family had promised.

In all likelihood any rebels would have been slaughtered as an example to the resistance and the people at large.  The extent to which this violence would have continued is open to debate.

Gaddafi has few friends North of Zimbabwe and Chad or East of Venezuela. Gaddafi’s lack of friends in North Africa is due to the fielding of international terror squads.  At best he is unstable living in a world where he believes he has been anointed to lead an Arab renaissance.  We are not psychologists but it doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. – carlos

U.N. Security Council approves no-fly zone over Libya to stop pro-Khadafy forces’ bombing of rebels

BY RICH SCHAPIRO , DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER, Thursday, March 17th 2011, 7:30 PM

The U.N. Security Council approved a no-fly zone over Libya Thursday as Moammar Khadafy‘s military jets bombed the airport in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.Khadafy proclaimed that the “hour of decision
has come” and “there will be no mercy or compassion” for those who resist as he troops advanced to the besieged city.


“The matter has been decided . . . we are coming,” he said in a telephone call to state television.

Khadafy announced the assault as the U.N. approved the no-fly zone, which was sought by Washington to strike at Khadafy’s forces on land, sea and air.

“The future of Libya should be decided by the people of Libya,” said U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice. “The United States stands with the people of Libya in support of their universal rights.”

The measure would open the way for a no-fly zone and authorizes “all necessary measures” to protect civilians from attacks by Khadafy’s men.

The council voted 10-0, with RussiaChina and Germany among the five abstaining.



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