Privacy in the 21st Century. Why Am I Reminded of Hobbes?

I like to blog about privacy because I live in a time where privacy is disappearing.  I have to make peace with this.  I am not going to Alaska to live off the grid using seal oil to keep the homefires burning.  Some people do but at incredible cost.  When you’re off the grid you don’t contribute to Social Security.  In fact, in the extreme case, you don’t exist.  Too high a price for me.  Not into living in the state of nature. What do you think?

Bruce Schneier  03.06.08

When I write and speak about privacy, I am regularly confronted with the mutual disclosure argument. Explained in books like David Brin’s The Transparent Society, the argument goes something like this: In a world of ubiquitous surveillance, you’ll know all about me, but I will also know all about you. The government will be watching us, but we’ll also be watching the government. This is different than before, but it’s not automatically worse. And because I know your secrets, you can’t use my secrets as a weapon against me.This might not be everybody’s idea of utopia — and it certainly doesn’t address the inherent value of privacy — but this theory has a glossy appeal, and could easily be mistaken for a way out of the problem of technology’s continuing erosion of privacy. Except it doesn’t work, because it ignores the crucial dissimilarity of power.


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  1. Susan Sayler says:

    The new generations of young people just won’t support those power structures. Wikileaks was the tip of the iceberg. Open source, piracy, economic revolutions, one after another. The pendulum is moving in the opposite direction now. This new generation of teenagers should be labeled the “You can’t get there from here generation”

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