The Mad Martyrdom of Gaddafi

As Fire Rains Down From the Heavens…

I wrote in an earlier post that Gaddafi might choose martyrdom or suicide as an endgame option.  Three weeks later it seems martyrdom will be his choice (suicide is a loser’s end in Islam).  Bolstered by his children (who share in Gaddafi’s Libya) and those whose fortunes and wealth came from Gaddafi, the Leader may not be able to quit.  It’s not every day the UN attacks a member state on the humanitarian grounds.  Usually there is some member country who can veto any such action.  The fact that there was not speaks ill of Gaddafi’s standing in the world.

The more pragmatic of his inner circle may already be looking at alternative endings for what may be a fight to the death.   Some will choose to die for Gaddafi, perhaps even his children although they seem smart enough to have a wider view of the history about to be written.  It may be that my previous prediction of civil war may be just that.  Freedom isn’t for everyone.  There is little precedent for freedom in Libya.  Protection is guaranteed by one’s tribe and there are three major tribes in Libya.

One major feat was accomplished in the last 40 years.  But for his children there appears to be little in Libya resembling an intelligentsia.  I suspect that anyone showing this type of intelligence has been eliminated in some way.  A man like him is allergic to charisma in anyone else.  When you are Gaddafi you fear everyone – especially able aides and overly ambitious children.  His children of course are his legacy to Libya.  In the absence of Gaddafi they will carry his light to future generations.

Now that 112 Cruise missiles have been delivered and the world is aligned against him, his options are diminishing and he might be seen in the end with feet apart and a sword raised in his hand yelling “Jamahiriya!”



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