Sociopathy in Libya: Gaddafi’s Revenge

Despite his resemblance to Jim Jones of People's Temple in Guyana...


8/20/11  Tripoli under siege, will he go or will he die?  

7//3/11  I originally posted this back in March but it’s worthwhile putting it at the top of my list for a bit of retrospective review.  Gaddafi, of course, is still in Libya.  But for a UN commitment to protect civilian life, NATO,  and the rebels in Benghazi and elsewhere he would have regained control of Libya.  

The Guardian headline for July 1, 2011 reads: “Muammar Gaddafi threatens European ‘homes, offices, families’.  This is  hardly a surprise given the past willingness of Gaddafi to engage in international terrorism.  That he should endure is unthinkable except to those who will refuse to be accountable for their advocacy.

The subtext to the Gaddafi family’s refusal to abandon their discredited regime is what they will do if, by some fluke, they manage to survive and what kind of revenge they will seek.

Although their history of attacks on individual enemies abroad and mass murder of 270 people over Lockerbie, Scotland, and random violence (the La Belle bomb in Berlin) are well known, some believe he should have a fighting chance to restore “order” to Libya.  Imagine what Gaddafi, in his larger than life imagination might do.  My imagination foresees a number of scenarios, among them a nuclear one,

Given his resources he may be a dictator too big to fail.  His recent attempts to extort money from international oil companies to cover his settlement with Pan Am 103 relatives shows his lack of conscience and the strong possibility of his sociopathy (Are some world leaders sociopaths? ).

I think we, and I mean the world, are foolish to argue about whether Obama should have consulted congress or whether Gaddafi has stopped fighting, or whether France was too trigger happy or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

The Gaddafi family needs to be neutralized before half-hearted measures begin to resonate in other corners of the Middle East and the whole area escalates out of control.  Most of the world has deemed his tenure to be a risk to human life in Libya, can the Gaddafi clan be far from a global endgame against the world that attacked him in the near or intermediate future. – carlos

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3 Responses to Sociopathy in Libya: Gaddafi’s Revenge

  1. Carlos:

    Please don’t antecipate the apocalyse.
    Let me sleep some more nights without this threat under my pillow.
    Let me be unaware of all these terrible possibilities.
    If it’s impossible to you escaping the reality, at least sing me a song of hope, “avant le grand (terrible) finale”.

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