Why I Love Mexico

Uxmal (note rounded corners)


I used to go to Mexico quite a lot.  Baja, Playa del Carmen, Chiapas all good places in the past.  Of course mexico and drugs have been in the news ever since I can remember.  Weed and Peyote were popular in the ’60s, Guerrero was bad in the ’80s.  I was always fonder of Southern Mexico where drug smuggling wasn’t so blatant or dangerous.  Cancún was good for spring break, Quintana Roo for roughing it, Palenque for its moderated climate, and San Cristóbal de las Casas for the colonial relaxation.

Mexico has so much going for it.  One could spend a lifetime studying languages, archeology, and cultures. Whenever I used to get a yen for fried grasshoppers I’d think Oaxaca, for hammocks it’s Mérida, Chichen Itzá for Chaac Mool, Uxmal for a Puuc pyramid with rounded corners.

In short, Mexico has a lot.  Al Capone used to have Chicago buttoned up but now I think there’s only a restaurant by that name (he should have had it copyrighted but who knew?). All I’m saying is that, at 22 million people, its the biggest city in the Western hemisphere (surprised? Me too, having visited São Paulo, Brazil).

I’m just a guest when I travel, not an attraction.  My most impressive co-traveler was a 75-yo female veterinarian I met sitting in front of Uxmal, disposed, as I was, to put on a backpack and hit the road.

I grew up in NYC so I’m used to big cities, but NY is only 8-9 million. Life is a lot easier if you don’t wear gold, wear designer clothes, or wear cowboy hats.  I shop for my wardrobe at Goodwill and don’t carry multi-lens cameras.  Unfortunately, there has been a growing crime rate all along the northern border.  Nevertheless, if you’re going to worry about every little thing you’ll find your world delimited  by the gas station, the korean market, and McRonalds.

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