Church Not Blamed for Priest Child Sex

Finally!  The definitive study about the causes of priestly abuse of children. 

There’s much to fault in this study starting with the fact that it was paid for and approved by the church. Second, one doesn’t have to look far into the history of the church and children to be reminded of  the Magdelene Asylum in Ireland, or in any other context where clergy control children such as the mission system in California (I have not read the entire 300 pg report.  I am not an academic.)

Despite the infamous history of the church on many fronts ( WikiClerical, Brief History…) the study appears to place the blame on external conditions (you may recall the pill, rock’n’roll, the Viet Nam war, and other social phenomena).  Drugs and alcohol factored in as enticements.

In my review of the report I was looking for some kind of analysis of the role of supervision (diocesan management) but saw little. Where was the management control of the workers (priests)?  I will leave it to you to peruse the report and draw your own conclusions as to whether the key issues are systemic or a product of the “Frisky Sixties.”

 Church Report Cites Social Tumult in Priest Scandals

By LAURIE GOODSTEIN, Published: May 17, 2011

The report in PDF format

A five-year study commissioned by the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops to provide a definitive answer to what caused the church’s sexual abuse crisis has concluded that neither the all-male celibate priesthood nor homosexuality were to blame.

Instead, the report says, the abuse occurred because priests who were poorly prepared and monitored, and were under stress, landed amid the social and sexual turmoil of the 1960s and ’70s.

Known occurrences of sexual abuse of minors by priests rose sharply during those decades, the report found, and the problem grew worse when the church’s hierarchy responded by showing more care for the perpetrators than the victims. NYT Article…,

Religion News Service…

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2 Responses to Church Not Blamed for Priest Child Sex

  1. peakers82 says:

    I heard a story about this study. Really? The sexual revolution of the 60’s caused a spike in child abuse in the church. I actually heard a priest speak about why he was leaving the clergy, because the Church consistently blames outside influences for an internal problem. It’s good that you are putting this out there.

    • carlos says:

      Of course,

        ad maiorem Dei gloriam

      , the report was a shameful report that ignored the long history of the Church. By the way, have you been watching the Borgias on TV. P.S. I hope you guys haven’t been touched by the tornadoes.

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