A Dog of Protest – Kanellos of Greece

  A Profile in Courage for All of US


Somewhere in Athens, the cradle of democracy, the dream lives on.  A dog comes to the aid of the people demonstrating that man’s best friend is not without loyalty.  Not fearing the sting of tear gas nor the bruising truncheon, Kanellos has been protesting since at least since 2008 – well, we think so.  Kanellos is seen here on December 8, 2008 during a night of riots protesting the death of a 15-year-old pupil at the hands of Greek police.


There are many stray dogs in Athens and due to a very prolific ancestor his buff color is common.  We think that dogs have free dispositions, however, and Kanellos seems to be disposed to trot with the workers despite the water cannon and the horror of confrontation.

What is equally intriguing is the absence of leash laws in Athens.  Dogs are actually allowed to run free.  The city identifies them with blue and red marked collars both for identification and vaccination information.  Blue is for boys.

It has been said that Kanellos is a publicity hound but we think he is an activist in the pure sense of the word. The fact that so many photographers find him in their proof sheets only shows that he is not a fair weather dog.  The fact that he has a facebook page only shows how much we identify with this “peoples” dog.

He is a dog that many would follow. Alas, we hear that Kanellos may have died, some say at the hands of government thugs who saw him as a rallying symbol and sought to destroy him before he became a martyr, some say it was the stress of life on the street, or he may have found a greater cause – like Joe Hill.

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