Walking on Quicksand – Carefully

Weighted ping-pong balls can fall endlessly through a granular medium (w/ video)  June 27, 2011 by Lisa Zyga

 So, you thought quicksand was just mud – a myth?  Apparently not, and why should it be?  We’ve heard about “liquefication”  during earthquakes when saturated loose soil shakes becomes more like a thick chocolate milkshake than bedrock.  I’m assuming that the impact of the ball has “liquefied” the loose styrofoam.

This partial image taken from the video below shows a projectile near the beginning of its trajectory as it falls through a tube filled with granular matter. Image credit: F. Pacheco-Vázquez, et al. ©2011 American Physical Society

(PhysOrg.com) — When a meteor impacts a planet or a moon, it always stops at a relatively shallow depth, even when impacting at high speeds. Until now, researchers have assumed that all objects impacting a granular medium – such as sand or beads – rapidly lose energy and stop at a shallow depth. But in a new study, researchers have demonstrated that weighted ping-pong balls impacting a 600-cm (20-ft)-long tube filled with polystyrene beads can reach a terminal velocity, which allows the balls to continue sinking endlessly to an infinite depth. Video of weighted pingpong balls


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