Is it Time to Abandon Obama?

President Barack Obama

“Change we can believe in” has come to be an empty slogan.  Once again the Democratic party is on the defensive against a grey eminence which demands that no tax increases be implemented.

In fact, it demands that much of the government that we have come to rely on to subsidize research and education be defunded and, in the case of infrastructure, be allowed to rust.

Never mind that the railroads, highways, and bridges allowed the growth of american industry after WWII.  Never mind that Social Security and Medicare have eased the minds and lives of millions of our over 65 population for whom hunger, disease and death would be the ultimate result of cuts or dismemberment of social programs.  Never mind that education, as well as being the gateway to the middle class, provides a future for youth that might otherwise become part of the criminal class.

Once again politico-religious fanaticism has reawakened in the mass rallies of true believers whose rallying cry is ‘Ein volk, less government, and no taxes!  They would destroy our civilization to save it.

Perhaps it is time to make Barack Obama a one-term president.  Certainly, Bill Clinton faced more difficult obstacles as he guided our nation to an $86.4 billion surplus in 2000.

 We know the events of 9/11 created special needs for our country but the unfunded war in Iraq and the apparent squandering of planeloads of $100 bills to buy off warlords while disguising this hemorrhage of treasure year after year as “Iraq emergency spending bills.” What emergency? After 4 years it it has become an anticipated expense.

All the while the invasion of Iraq was being orchestrated from the White House on grounds that have since proven false as shown in Bill Moyers Journal.

The cost of this unfunded and ill-advised war in Iraq can be seen at  There is no way to sufficiently calculate the cost of lives lost.  In fact, behind these numbers flashing by are the faces of the dead. Not only our American sons and daughters, but the citizens of Iraq who saw us as invaders rather than liberators.

So what has “Change we can believe in” brought us?  Not much more than window dressing.  “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is gone, ObamaCare, while a worthy first effort has all the utility of an eunuch without single-payer health care.

The wars go on, the insurance companies continue to profit from human misery. Our government, far from being “for the people, by the people…” is actually for and by those anonymous corporations responsible to their shareholders and other interests who drown the voice of the people in a sea of money. – carlos

About carlos

I'm a curious person, of reasonable intellect, "on the beach" (retired) and enjoying my interest in anthropology, language, civil rights, and a few other areas. I've been a hippie/student/aerospace tech writer in the '60s, a witness to the Portuguese revolution in the ‘70s, a defense test engineer and witness to the Guatemalan genocide in the '80s, and a network engineer for an ISP in the '90s. Now I’m a student and commentator until my time is up. I've spent time under the spell of the Mesoamerican pyramids and the sweet sound of the Portuguese language. I've lived in Europe, traveled in Brazil, Central America, Iceland, New Zealand, and other places. My preferred mode of travel is with a backpack and I eat (almost) anything local. Somehow, many of the countries I have been to have had civil unrest (for which I was not responsible). I'm open to correspond with anyone who might share my liberal, humanist interests. I live in San Buenaventura, California.
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