The Chosen Few: LA’s Heritage of Post-Jim Crow Biking in the 21st Century

While the “ Weed and Seed” federal, local, and “community-based” cabal of inquisitors have started a public relations campaign to defame the Chosen Few motorcycle club characterizing them as a “gang,” a little bit of history has been lost.

My only connection to the Chosen Few was having once been in their club house once in ’67 or ’68 and having gone to the Monterey Pops Festival with them in ’68 and knocking “Foots’” burger into the fire while trying to look like I knew how to grill.  So, I have no long-term relationship with the club.  In fact, most of the Few I knew are passed or retired – like me.

What escapes the 24-hr news cycle and apparently the “Weed and Seed” crowd is the long and relatively peaceful history of the club.  The Few are an old and eclectic group of people with higher degrees, different racial backgrounds, temperaments, and a love of riding.  The Few lack the rigid racial and class structure of many other clubs. How that happened, I don’t know but there was always an easy attitude that prevailed.

“Weed and Seed” knows that support for their operation begins with characterizing The Chosen Few as “criminal,” a “gang” and alleging a large quantity of drugs that may evaporate before trial.  In a news clip the “Weed and Seed” amalgam displayed a weapon that apparently shoots sideways and, in fact, looked like a periscope I made for my tree house when I was 12. I would expect a better design from the machinists/designers/mechanics who create such elegant chops.

The display of goods they captured and the drama reminded me of the LAPD Rampart Division’s Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (or CRASH) anti-gang unit in the late 1990s.  In that woeful attempt to cleanse the community of riff-raff, detective testimony and a wrongful death lawsuit filed on April 16, 2007 holds Rampart CRASH officers Nino Durden, Rafael Pérez and David Mack responsible for the 1997 drive-by murder of multi platinum-selling hip hop recording artist Notorious B.I.G.    The LAPD was just recently freed from a  Federal consent decree because of corruption and civil rights abuses.

I’m not saying there’s a connection, that was a generation ago and lessons have been learned.  One of the lessons I have learned is that international wars tend to break out every generation or so in time for a new generation of soldiers and for memories to fade.  Let’s face it, the new generation is coming on board and reputations and careers are being made.

So, when we look at the “brotherhood” and history of black and interracial motorcycle clubs in California and the world it is vital to judge the movement in terms of its development over the last 50 or 60 years rather than the manipulation and propagandizing in the press by agents of the law whose motives and history are at least – suspect.

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