Indigenous Maya Still Disposable in Guatemala


Usually I like to write about how the Maya independently invented the concept of zero.  How they developed a written language (only recently deciphered).  How they built pyramids, plotted the movement of the heavens, and wrote books to record their knowledge for future generations.  It’s a marvelous story of warfare, succession, culture, drought, religion.

I’m not going to do that today because the genocide of 1960-1996 continues today.  

As defined by Ambrose Bierce in “The Devil’s Dictionary:”  

ABORIGINIESn. Persons of little worth found cumbering the soil of a newly discovered country. They soon cease to cumber; they fertilize.(

This definition applies as much today as when Bierce made the observation in 1906.  No longer are government troops exterminating these gentle agricultural people to expropriate their lands for the white and Mestizo elite. The government has outsourced the destruction of the people, the land, and the archaeological patrimony to foreign companies.  

They will ravage the land, hire exterminators, cut off the tops of the mountains and tumble them into the neighboring valleys.  They will flatten the land and leave the cyanide and tailings or any remaining locals.

Guatemala does not have “Superfund” sites to restore the land. The mining companies will ravage and damage to the land and leave with the riches extracted trickling up to the latifundarios and government co-conspirators. The desecration of nature can be seen in in the above video.  So have a nice day and the next time you see a woman in a colorful traje, remember where she came from.

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