Progressive Social Control in a Reactionary Society

It is a hallmark of sentient beings to be curious.  Perhaps none is more curious than man. “Knowledge is Power,” is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon a while ago and it certainly has legs compared to “Arbeit Macht Frei.” We live in the information age, which has proved to be more addictive than crack.  

We seem to have a drive to become a part of the Borg, a collective of individual minds made popular by the Star Trek TV series.  When one surrenders to the Borg one is able to share the wisdom of the group but is subordinate to the whole.  If the notion of becoming a part of the hive is unsettling, the Soma is free.

Yet Another Blog on Privacy and Social Control

On July 28 the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee voted 19-10 to approve HR-1981, a bill requiring Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to retain personally identifiable data on every customer, thereby allowing the US government to identify and track their online activity for one year.

The bill is designed to identify producers and consumers of online child pornography. [read: everything we might conceivably want to know but let’s say we’re trying to find child pornographers, everyone hates them!]

EPIC Director Marc Rotenberg testified against the bill at the July 12
Judiciary Committee hearing, arguing that if the bill is enacted it
should neither contain a data retention mandate nor immunity for ISPs
for misuses of the data. EPIC’s arguments were cited by committee
members including Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), who also pointed out that
storing more customer data would lead to an increase in the already
high number of data breaches: “The more data we keep, the more likely
we are to have such intrusions,” said Nadler.

Does DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program (probably going under another name by now since stealth is the name of the game) have an interest in knowing all this information.  Maybe.

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