US Credit Downgraded After “Compromise”

They Did It!

Know Nothing” tea baggers finally made us pay attention!!!

No longer will the fringe “Teabaggers” be ridiculed as loony but  amusing members of our society led by a well heeled cabal of those interested in turning back the clock of social programs to approximately what it was at mid (19th)  century.

Those were the halcyon days where individual nation states existed as part of union defined by the constitution of the United States of America.  It was a time when slavery had not been outlawed by the 13th amendment, before the government was allowed to impose a federal income tax, before senators could be directly elected (17th amendment).

Yes, it was a time when women knew their place in society before the 19th amendment allowed women the right to the vote after WWI.  It was before Johnny going out to die in the jungles of Vietnam had the vote or any input into his sacrifice.  Heck, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire only happened in 1911, and that was only because there were too many regulations. How time flies.  Medical care was almost free and families pulled together to take care of the old folks.

Still pending before state lawmakers (after all this time) are the 1810 amendment to prohibit Titles of Nobility, the 1924 Child Labor amendment, and the Equal Rights amendment prohibiting inequality of men and women.

Clearly, the residents of the individual states take their rights very seriously.  One is cautioned “Don’t Mess with Texas!” where there are continual battles about teaching Darwin in schools because evolution conflicts with the biblical contention that the world was created only 6,000 ago.

We like our independence. We don’t like people telling us what to do period. We make some concessions. We all drive on the correct side of road – but that’s because it involves interstate traffic – a concern of safety for all states.

We all want to save energy and aside from the automobile, incandescent bulbs use an awful lot of energy. Incandescent bulbs are HOT!  But some states don’t want to use the newer bulbs that use 1/10th the energy.  A law would deprive us of our FREE choice.  (Are any of our choices really free?)

Actually, our lack of free choices may be at the root of our frustrations with life.  Frustrations that make us want lash out at anything that won’t lash back.  Frustration at work, getting passed over for promotion.  Frustration domestically because the baby needs new shoes, or “Ginger” new braces.  The balloon payment is due or the foreclosure notice has arrived.  Recession, layoff, failure. These are the things that try men’s minds.

These are the things make men turn to Moral Re-armament, Nativism, the Ghost Dance, or the Tea Party.  Often these movements have unanticipated consequences where the momentum of change, fostered by such as Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago lead to a pernicious change to the American economic system, and, in some situations, with catastrophic consequences.

We have recently witnessed some of these “True Believers” in the precipitating the downgrading of America’s creditworthiness in the world of 2011.  If this really turns you on, read the New Yorker, 3/27/06

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