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I hope this clears things up.

The Mayan Long Count (LC) is based upon the following three numbers:

13, 18 and 20.

A Tzolkin is equal: 13X20=260 days.

A Tun is equal: 18X20=360 days.

The multiplication of the two by 20 gives the following result:

260X360X20=1872000 days.

The result is equal 5200 tun or 1 Teoxihuitl, or 13 Baktun of 400 tun, equal 5125 solar years. Five cycles of one Teoxihuitl give the following result:

5125X5=25625 solar years, or

5200X5=26000 tun.

The result is equal the precession or the rotation of the Earth Axis. A whole precession cycle or a complete rotation is equal 360*. So 1 Xihuitl, or 5200 tun, is equal 72°.

Every 72° the Axe is pointed in the direction of a different “North Star”.

The Rotation Axe, 5200 tun or 1 Xihuitl ago, was pointed in the direction of the star Thuban (Alpha Draconis), or in 3114BC, the beginning of the current LC.

A Xihuitl later, or 5200 tun later, or 13 Baktun later, the Axe is pointing in the direction of the star Polaris (Alpha Ursa minor), or in 2012AD, the end of the current LC.

Another 5200 tun later, or 1 Xihuitl, or 13 baktun, the Axe will be pointing in the direction of Alderabim (Alpha Cepheus), or in 7137AD.

Another 5200 tun later, in 12262AD, the Axe will be pointing in the direction of Vega (Alpha Lyrae).

Another 5200 tun later, or in 17387AD, the Axe will be in the direction of Tau Herculus.

And finally 5200 tun later, or in 22512AD the Axe will be in the direction again of Thuban.

In this way a whole cycle of 25625 solar years, or 26000 tun, or 5 Xihuitl will come to an end. In fact nothing will be coming to an end, but will be turning over and over again, from one cycle to another, from one Xihuitl to another.

The whole pupose of the LC was to determine the direction of the Axe of the Earth. To determine on which star one should oriented at night, when all the heavenly bodies are turning around the “North Star”.

Thus 2012AD has nothing to do with the End of the World, nor with the Start of the Apocalyps, nor with the Crack in the Milky Way, but is only the turning-over point, the start of a new cycle of 13 Baktun, or 1 Xihuitl, by which the Axe of the Earth will rotate direction Alderabim (Alpha Cepheus) in 7137AD.

Lahun Ik 62

Baert Georges

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