History of Homosexuality (Portuguese)

History of Homosexuality

From time to time I find something topical but not in English.  This interview with a Brazilian Jesuit and professor fits this category.  It is also interesting that within the Catholic church there exists a variety of opinions regarding topical subjects.




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2 Responses to History of Homosexuality (Portuguese)

  1. Barbara says:

    uh huh….and is there any way for those of us that don’t speak another language to read this/hear what this person has to say? Just teasing me with an interesting idea, then never giving me a way to follow it up just isn’t fair…personally, I think you should write up an English transcript and post that!

    • carlos says:

      I see your concern. I see the blog as a news stand where they sell foreign language magazines as well as Time and Popular mechanics. Some of the people who read my blog live in Brazil and Portugal. I got the link from a Brazilian living in Canada.

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