Quo Vadis, Brasil?

Independence day corruption protests in Brazil…

Independence day in Brazil Provokes Demonstrations Against Corruption in Government

Today, Sept 7, is Brazil’s independence day, but they’re NOT demonstrating pride in their independence.  On the contrary they are dressed in black to demonstrate against the abuses of power in the Brazilian political process.  For example, the council of deputies and senate, (both of our houses of congress)  are able to vote in secret. My gosh, we in America wouldn’t know who to vot out of office!

Well, this is America and we’ve had our suspicions about those Brazilians ever since we noticed that they had the 7th highest GDP (just behind Germany, France, and the UK). We’ve got to pay attention to these upstart countries especially when they almost as big as we are areawise.

Nevertheless, while we  in the US and the UK revel en exposing the human frailties and pecadillos (from a sense of moral indignation, never for political advantage),  our Brazilian friends (in government) like to protect their own (hey, who can throw the first stone?).

Besides, many in government have a hustle going on from lumber to heavy industry to, uh, raising frogs.


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