Action Plan for Occupying Wall Street

Susan Sayler’s guest post

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I have been reading a lot of the feedback from those who oppose or look down on this movement. I think it is important to listen carefully to what they say. Too many people don’t listen to the people who disagree with them and so they never formulate a solid response to some important and valid feedback. I would hope that you might include an “Assess, inform and respond” team that gathers critical information about the effect you are having, informs the group and carries back a response. 

Main stream media is trying to humiliate the occupy movement as a bunch of lazy hippies. They make sure to film the most radical and least representative of the whole.  One criticism I hear again and again is that the occupy movement doesn’t really have an action plan or any demands. I hear “why are they out there?” “What do they hope to accomplish?”
Here are my suggestions:
Realize who we are working against
I think it is realistic to accept that the corrupt element of our society isn’t going to voluntarily change their ways or eliminate their greedy natures. I don’t think that they can without bringing down the entire structure of the United States and Global economic system because it feeds on greed.
Unplug from the system you want to change, don’t be dependent on it
The occupy movement needs to decide to unplug from the systems they can no longer support. This probably means don’t pay credit cards, don’t pay mortgages, don’t take out student loans, don’t use banks etc. This is very important because if enough people “unplug” the system will crash. That will prove disastrous to the economy but necessary.
Call it what it is, Don’t be bullied with words like “un-American” and ‘socialism”
The second thing I think is critical to address is how politicians and media use the word “socialism” like a disease. Most of our government and virtually all of our municipal systems (police, fire, school, library, utilities, parks etc) are socialist systems. If we were to eliminate the socialism in our government what would we do? Bad mouthing socialism is a way to call us un american. It is a convenient method that conservatives use to dismiss the human need for health care.
All governments are Oligarchies, call it what it is
The fact is that we don’t have a democracy and we don’t have a socialist government. We have a system of government called oligarchy (rule by the wealthy few). In oligarchy, the rich have a parental responsibility to those they control economically. That is in fact what is missing from our real, true system of government.
The rich have a responsibility to those they control economically
Rich corporations spend a lot of money to study the working class. They look for ways to keep them in debt because this is the easiest way to support their economic empires. Since the rich control the economic well being of everyone else, they have a responsibility to those that keep them rich. This issue goes back to the middle ages and feudalism.
Expose the rich
Because today’s rich can hide behind corporate entities so we never really know who they are, they don’t have to answer to the public like a king or duke was required to do in the past. Rule by the wealthy few is truly the only system of government that has ever existed in human society across cultures and throughout all of history. The critical thing to realize is that the wealthy have a responsibility to the rest. This is the most important message to get out.
Our legal system favors the rich
I am a legal professional and I know how the law favors the rich, especially in estate planning. Our economic laws are written for the rich. Our criminal justice system favors the rich. OJ Simpson killed his wife and walked free. A poor man never would have.

Simplify Taxation
I think one of the things we should all support is a 3% tax across the board that everyone pays on net income regardless of how much money they make. That would be fair, eliminate tax loopholes for the rich and provide more than enough money to operate our government and public works.
These are just some thoughts I am sharing with all occupy groups. I hope that you share these ideas and encourage others to come up  with some real actions in the direction of positive progress.


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