Occupy Wall Street, 99%

Who Are These People?

 How are they different from the “Tea Party?”

Why have they come from everywhere, starting in NY on Wall St and spreading like army ants from NY to Seattle to LA to Chicago to your town.

We all want to know.  It seems that they are the great “unwashed,” dispossessed, foreclosed, employed and unemployed, who fell off the edge of the earth in 2008 when the housing debacle began and the bottom fell out of the market and of life as we knew it.

Ushers, office workers, unemployed veterans, teachers, fire fighters, homeless victims of foreclosures:  In other words all of us who have become victims of and may yet become of the irresponsible manipulation of the economy by Wall Street’s collusion of 2008.

The perpetrators get millions in government support for their mistakes in finance, unfunded wars,  and our brother’s lives.

We have finally regained our senses and realized that we have been had and we are NOT going to take it any more!

In the beginning we are an amorphous mass seeking and accounting, a voice and real representation that has NOT been paid for by corporate interests.  We are formulating a coherent voice, and a reexamination of our social contract.

Elizabeth Warren (candidate for MA senate) sums it up in 3 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htX2usfqMEs

The people demonstrating on Wall Street and in the rest of the country are finding a voice for their position one that will be refined over time.

As with our founding fathers a declaration of position does not appear overnight but must be debated.  Here’s a primary position paper for your information and an invitation for your input.


The Official Website of the GA at #occupyWallStreet: 

NYC General Assembly



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