Occupy at 90 Days – Why Are We Here?

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As I read many posts from around the world, I see that the Arab Spring has morphed into a worldwide movement in protest of mal-governance that has robbed the world of its life blood:  wealth.

Some of this wealth has been appropriated by governments like Egypt.  In Egypt the military sector IS the military/industrial complex owing to its conversion of military enterprises into civilian enterprises (even farming).   

The amount of profligate spending is certainly a function of governance and this “governance” aggravated the greed and thievery shown by the “governed” financial elements.  In America we have a disaster of proportions not seen since the great depression of 1928.

No wonder the people are marching.  Homeless and unemployed people are a danger we cannot afford in a civil society and the Occupy movement is the first stirring of a giant.  

Day 90 of the Occupy Movement: Live Video Stream And Twitter Feed

Thou­sands of ac­tivists have de­scended on Wall Street since past week­end as part of the #Oc­cu­py­Wall­Street protest or­ga­nized by sev­eral ac­tion groups. What fol­lows is a live video stream of this event as well as a live twit­ter stream of the #Oc­cu­py­Wall­Street Hash Tag.

Wall Street Oc­cu­pa­tion Cov­er­age at Na­tionofChange:

For more up-to-the-minute in­for­ma­tion about the protests, click here.


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