Occupy Movement has Unexpected “Legs”

“Legs,” in American English means a story that lasts and lasts.  So it is with the Occupy movement.  It has become more than what some tried to denigrate as a small and temporary aberration.  It is following a well traveled evolution from discontent to ire to demonstration against injustice to movement to (perhaps) political party.  

Among the reasons for protest are the reasons (characterizations mine) that the economy failed, the abuse of the citizenry by rapacious agents of greed and gluttony who sold the bottom out of the housing market while peddling fraudulent instruments.  Had they just forged checks they would be doing time for check kiting.  Because so few people have actually written checks for over $1,000,000,000.00 the government wasn’t sure what to call it.  

The amazing migration of 1.2 million families to alternative lifestyles due to foreclosures has stunned, frustrated, then infuriated those same families.  They are rising to their feet in protest of the gross malfeasance of the first decade of the century.  

In fact, the world was oversold on “Liar’s financing” and the results are seen all over Europe.  In North Africa we see a more advanced expression of dissatisfaction manifested and can we expect the same here?

Few things are born fully formed (with the exception of Benjamin Button).  They need time to center on the core issues of discontent and develop leaders (lest they be encumbered with veterans of past battles seeking rebirth) before defining a platform that can be pasted on a wall.  So , take note:  one hundred and four days have passed since the first brave pioneers staked out territory in Zuccotti park.

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Published: Sunday 25 September 2011
Day 106 of the Occupy Movement: Live Video Stream And Twitter Feed
Thou­sands of ac­tivists have de­scended on Wall Street since past week­end as part of the #Oc­cu­py­Wall­Street protest or­ga­nized by sev­eral ac­tion groups. What fol­lows is a live video stream of this event as well as a live twit­ter stream of the #Oc­cu­py­Wall­Street Hash Tag.

Wall Street Oc­cu­pa­tion Cov­er­age at Na­tionofChange:

For more up-to-the-minute in­for­ma­tion about the protests, click here.

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