It’s About Time for Eliot Spitzer to Return

A Man for Our Time!

One of the best advocates for the people of New York in the last 40 years has been Eliot Spitzer.  I used to watch slack-jawed at the reports of his prosecution of Wall St malefactors and others who were “too big to touch.”  I was disappointed when he ran for governor because he was so effective as attorney general.   He was clearly able, and able to confront those who were untouchable.  As an able AG he saw broader vistas in the future.  Success is intoxicating.  Romance is intoxicating.  Such improrpiety has brought low many lesser men as many presidents and politicians could attest (were they talking).  In the case of Eliot Spitzer, we are losing the abilities of one who has spoken truth to power fearlessly.  It is time for us to reclaim the abilities of this man who has suffered, paid the price, been rehabilitated.  It is time for us to accept him back in our time of need.  – Carlos

As attorney general, Spitzer prosecuted cases relating to corporate white collar crimesecurities fraudinternet fraud and environmental protection.[2] He most notably pursued cases against computer chip price fixinginvestment bank stock price inflation,[3] predatory lending practices by mortgage lenders, fraud at American International Group,[4] and the 2003 mutual fund scandal. He also sued Richard Grasso, the former chairman of the New York Stock Exchange over a compensation package perceived to be excessive.[5]


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