Rep Allen West, (R) Florida’s Controversial Representative

Well, sometimes it takes a little looking to find an approximation of the truth.  Allen West, republican congressman from Florida has been accused of some inflammatory statements during Black History Month.  Not that Rep West is pure as driven snow.  He represents an affluent coastal district from Palm Beach Gardens to Oakland Park.  His history is generally laudatory, until the vicissitudes of war caused him to retire honorably.  The post below by the Free Wood Post, a blog of political satire, has posted the blog below.  Researching this post at Snopes ( reveals the focus of the Free Wood Post.

Not that Rep West is a pillar of moderation and balance as shown in a recent exchange with Debbie Wasserman Schultz who represents a neighboring district. (

The following post from Free Wood Press is categorized under Politics and humor for obvious reasons.

West: I’m Black by Birth, Not by Choice

By , February 25, 2012

In a week of circus like activity for the GOP, Republican Congressman Allen West may have taken the award for the most over the top statement ever given. In a recent sit down with the Florida Representative, CNN anchor John King asked Mr. West how he felt about being a black Congressman during Black History Month.

In light of this month being Black History Month, I feel no way involved with this negro celebration of half accomplishments and borderline Communist agendas. View the list of these “fearless” leaders of black America. Black inhabitants of America knew their place at the table, and knew they could not eat off the same plate of the more than welcoming white men and women of the time. These men, I use that term lightly, like Malcolm X pushed themselves into the homes of innocent white Americans. This action riled up the negro, and scared the living hell out of people. I am no way apart of this community of transported Africans, I myself am an American. I’m a good ol’ boy from the great state of Florida, and a citizen of this great nation. I know God recognizes me as my true self, a proud, strong white man given dark pigmentation. God had to give the blacks at least one intelligent person, so he chose to give me dark skin. I curse my birth as a black man every day. I’m black by birth, not by choice. It will all be sorted out when my name is called, and I step in front of the great white Jesus himself.

In outrage, many black organizations and churches took to the internet. The NAACP posted a Tweet saying “Mr. West is entitled to his own opinion, no matter how outrageous it is.” Many black Americans feel that Mr. West should be removed from his position according to a recent Yahoo! poll.

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