Body Modification: The Crucification of Sebastian Horsley (film)

Body Modification

Sebastian Horsley


I have occasionally been curious about body modification.  This undoubtedly comes from my own experience with body modification in the 1960s.  To be sure this has become a far more sophisticated art since I pierced my left earlobe at a gathering of the tribe in the mid-1960s. 



My only anesthetic was an advanced state of intoxication and, as I recall, I was trying to impress a young, blonde dancer with my desire to have an earring in the fashion of the time.  I already had hair to my shoulders and the next step had to be a piercing.  I found a large safety pin and began the piercing while sitting on the stairs as The Doors played “Light My Fire.”  

It hurt, and then stopped hurting.  I realized that ear lobe pain levels off at a certain point.  It was either the conduction capacity of the nerves or the effect of natural endorphins blocking the impulses.  Endorphins are natural opioids that produce analgesia and a euphoria.

This altered state of consciousness undoubtedly drives many contemporary modifiers to a higher plane.  Sebastian-Horsley, while not a body modifier in the contemporary sense, nevertheless had himself crucified (yes, with nails) in the Philippines for art and undoubtedly to follow a personal pilgrimage to enlightenment.

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  1. …and thus the lamb of Art did save the sould of taste!

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