Question: Is Free Will Free?

I’ve read Scientific American for over xx years.  Long enough to remember when it was a hard read for a 13 year old.  SciAm has become a lot more accessible over the years and so it should.  I also remember when the news was news  – and not an entertainment profit center.  

Back on topic: What is free will and do you ever use it?  Are you Christian because you were raised that way?  Are you Jewish because you just thought it was a good idea?  Did Loyola have a point when he said “Give me the boy until he is seven, and I will give you the man.” Or Sam Harris:  Sam Harris on “Free Will”?  Let this rattle around your mind for a while, then search around for what others have had to say about “free” will.

How Advertisements Manipulate Behavior[Preview]

Can subliminal advertisements influence our behavior? New research says yes—but only under certain circumstances

By Wolfgang Stroebe  | April 20, 2012 |

The birth of subliminal advertising reads almost like a script from a television show. In this real-life story, the spotlight falls on James M. Vicary, an independent marketing researcher.

On September 12, 1957, Vicary called a press conference to announce the results of an unusual experiment. Over the course of six weeks during the preceding summer, he had arranged to have slogans—specifically, “Eat popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola”—flashed for three milliseconds, every five seconds, onto a movie screen in Fort Lee, N.J., while patrons watched Picnic. Vicary argued that these messages were too fast for filmgoers to read but salient enough for the audience to register their meaning subconsciously. As proof, he presented data indicating that the messages had increased soda sales at the theater by 18 percent and popcorn sales by 58 percent.


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