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U.S Intelligence: Looming Water Wars Will Add to Global Insecurity  This once bountiful lake dating to 12,000 years ago is the “sacrificial lamb” that, since 1913, has been diverted to feed the needs of Los Angeles, an otherwise desert community.  It is, in microcosm, a vision of our … Continue reading

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Zé Claudio Ribeiro da Silva: Dead in Fight to Save Amazon

This is a testament to a tree hugger and his wife.  A couple whose lives ended for informing on lumber interests that must cut down the forest and move on.  Who informed on the cattle interests who converted the clear … Continue reading

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Danger on the River in Brazil: – Not Huckleberry Finn

Most know I love Brazil. My knowledge is, however, peripheral.  That is, from Rio south to Porto Alegre.  Brazil is big.  There is a lot to see between Rio and Porto Alegre – a lot.  It’s like looking at a … Continue reading

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Awa Under Siege: Brazil’s Lumber Refugees

This could be a story of America’s west one hundred years ago and we all (almost all) grieve about the maltreatment of our indigenous peoples.  Custer, The Choctaw’s Long March, the indian wars, ad nauseum.   While we grieve, Brazil’s … Continue reading

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Myth and History of “Tree Hugging”

Show the slight­est bit of con­cern for the en­vi­ron­ment and you get la­beled a tree hug­ger. That’s what poor Newt Gin­grich has been deal­ing with re­cently, as the other pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates at­tack his con­ser­v­a­tive cre­den­tials for hav­ing once ap­peared in an ad with Nancy … Continue reading

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Dead Polar Bears Don’t Talk

This deserves some attention.  Why does a government researcher need to be asked to take a lie detector test and be represented by a defense lawyer? At the very least it’s not going to look good at his next performance … Continue reading

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Ten Billion People! Wow, On This Planet?

They sure are cute, but when they grow up they breed like people! Can the Planet Support 10 Billion People? By JOEL E. COHEN, Published: October 23, 2011 How will countries feed and shelter populations that are expected to soar … Continue reading

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