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Private Prisons Profit From Economies of Scale and Relieve the State of Problems

Depriving someone of their civil rights is a serious thing.  Whether it is a capital crime or a year in prison it is a conscious act of the state and should remain a state responsibility.  We would not likely outsource … Continue reading

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Rep Allen West, (R) Florida’s Controversial Representative

Well, sometimes it takes a little looking to find an approximation of the truth.  Allen West, republican congressman from Florida has been accused of some inflammatory statements during Black History Month.  Not that Rep West is pure as driven snow. … Continue reading

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A “Modest Proposal” for Better Barbecue

This post is a little disturbing and I have received some anxious mail about it.  Jonathan Swift, a satirist makes outrageous suggestions about how the Irish, impoverished by absentee landlords might improve its economy. It is a metaphorical satire, which, … Continue reading

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Homo Sapiens, Homo Habilis and/or Neandertalis?

I’m not going to apologize for a distant hominin relative who lived 50,000 generations ago.  I have enough trouble dealing with an in-law’s funny uncle (the one whose lap you couldn’t sit on). History tells us that many of us … Continue reading

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Whither Goest MoveOn.Org?

Today I received an email from a political action org that I had grown to respect.  Now it appears that they are expanding into something akin to a “vanity press” operation where you provide the issue – any issue – … Continue reading

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NRA Sending Constitutional Committee to Aid Libyan Freedom

Give Me Libya or Give Me Death! Now that Libya has freed itself from the long, dark night of Gaddafi’s 40 years of autocratic rule, the National Rifled Association is sending a delegation to assist the new Libyan government that … Continue reading

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Oh My, the Sky is Falling! Earthquake Hits Eastern US!

Millenarians Aided by Forces of Nature What a day!  Bumpass, VA (23024) reports a major earthquake felt  a level VII shock on the Modified Mercalli intensity scale (5.9 Richter). ( Rev. Gerald Wellfall declared it was God’s Punishment for abandoning … Continue reading

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Grace Slick and Dopamine

I tire of American politics.  I tire of the “patriot” mob costumed as revolutionary heroes who would, in another age, be dressed in white robes and hoods at an outdoor Klavern meeting with raised torches. So, I am going to … Continue reading

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Vanity: My dear, You’re Looking Positively Pubescent

This is a post in response to a post in Slate ( I picked up from, often a source of interesting material.  Supplemenal info at: The thesis of the source article is “Why has the maximum age of death … Continue reading

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4th of July at the River Bottom Campground

For those of us fortunate enough to be unemployed so we are able to enjoy this independence day from the airy elegance of our 60-sq ft (5.5 sq meter) residence this holiday near the beach in San Buenaventura on the … Continue reading

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