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Pictures of my underwear – Not! (more on privacy)

Here in os EUA, thankfully, there are groups concerned with privacy.  Why should you care about privacy?  Aside from the ordinary things we like to do behind closed doors there are other things we might like to keep private because … Continue reading

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Reconciling Location Tracking and Privacy +

If you haven’t read 1984 you should at least read its Wikipedia entry (  Along with data mining there is nothing private anymore.  we are all being monitored of necessity IF we want the convenience of  instant communication.  It’s a … Continue reading

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Privacy in the 21st Century. Why Am I Reminded of Hobbes?

I like to blog about privacy because I live in a time where privacy is disappearing.  I have to make peace with this.  I am not going to Alaska to live off the grid using seal oil to keep the … Continue reading

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Another Federal Incursion Into Personal Freedom!

We all know that individual choice is the essence of freedom.  Freedom is the stuff that Americans are made of.  However, the government (us, actually) continues to insist that automobile companies design more fuel efficient automobiles, wear motorcycle helmets, create … Continue reading

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Eye See You!

I know your thoughts The inexorable migration to monitor and control continues. All the benefits of the computer age must be weighed against the loss of freedom occasioned when one is under constant surveillance. I notice that in this century the … Continue reading

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Good Guys Who Protect Our Privacy

Privacy is a concern of mine. One of the organizations that influences legislation, files Friend oft the Court petitions and sues for relief from intrusive and abusive practices.   – carlos E P I C   A l e r t … Continue reading

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Make the Internet Less Anonymous?

Here is an excerpt from an Opinionator guest editorial from the NYT (some paragraphs have been deleted because of length considerations). “…I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Oft … Continue reading

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