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Today’s Scarlet Letter – One That Needs Change

This is one of those imbecilic “laws” that keep on giving.  The reason for the sex offender list is that no one in politics wants to be “for” sex offenders.  Certainly, repeat and violent predators should be jailed for public … Continue reading

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Are the Disabled Less than Human?

The western treatment of disabled people is considered enlightened with ramps so that the disabled can shop or travel by bus.  However, this is a limited vision of the needs of the disabled.  This short film deals with another dimension … Continue reading

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Female Genital Mutilation in the USA

I have forgiven my mother and father for taking my foreskin at so young an age.  She told me it was so I could look like my father.  This was in a different time dimension.  We must speed backward past … Continue reading

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Capture and Rape Fantasies in Human Historical Imagery

 I have found an article sure to provoke a firestorm of commentary (and already has).  I had recently commented on the recent spate of sex crimes in the US military.  I don’t think it’s just an American issue, rather it … Continue reading

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Love: Real or Better Living Through Chemistry?

From the first time I was on an amusement park roller coaster I could sense that the sensation in my levi’s was out of the ordinary.  As I grew older the scent of jasmine and femininity intertwined in my mind … Continue reading

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American Female Genital Mutilation: Would You Even Know?

I dislike tabloid journalism and am revolted every time I pass through the check-stand at the market.  However, I had believed Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (removal of the clitoris in most cases) was practiced only in primitive, male dominated societies where literacy was … Continue reading

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Accommodating the Disabled – An Innocent Teaser

There is a class of people whose needs are mostly ignored (exceptions being ramps and access to public transportation).  These people are denied normal access to emotional and sexual relations.  Even the elderly and divorced are denied simple embraces as … Continue reading

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Are Males Really Necessary? Good News for the Future of the Y-Chromosome

Men Can Rest Easy: Sex Chromosomes Are Here to Stay ScienceDaily (May 8, 2012) — Fears that sex-linked chromosomes, such as the male Y chromosome, are doomed to extinction have been refuted in a new genetic study which examines the sex … Continue reading

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The Origin of Marriage (And the Evolution of Divorce)

While observing a course at a community college, the professor assigned some preparatory survey questions to students on their attitudes toward marriage, divorce, fidelity and their expectations for the future.   The purpose of the discussion, seemingly innocent, served to illuminate … Continue reading

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Incest: Why is it so Disgusting – and Popular

For reasons yet unknown to me an informal survey of pornography sites shows an interest in incest-related categories.  I don’t have the background to comment on this except to note that society’s most heinous crimes appear to have a large following … Continue reading

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