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Crack Cocaine and Rational Thinking

When I first saw this article in the NY Times I was intrigued. Although not stated it draws a line between the opiate class of drug addiction and the non-opiates like cocaine and amphetamines.  In my limited experience, addiction to … Continue reading

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LSD Considered as Treatment for Alcoholism

 Crick admits using LSD prior to discovery of DNA Recently, some entheogenic substances (hallucinogenic being out of favor for a long time) have been being reconsidered in psychotherapy.  Now we see it being discussed as an adjunct in the treatment … Continue reading

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Although Kristof…

Although Kristof alleges that free will and sex addiction exist, I’m not convinced of either but for different reasons. Free will has been widely debated by philosophers for ages and I am satisfied that free will is an illusion in … Continue reading

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