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DSM-V: Disquiet in the Ivory Tower

For all of us who seek a rock on which to base our beliefs the new DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual)  has all the solidity of a sponge in a storm.  The DSM is used or relied upon by clinicians, … Continue reading

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Privacy In the Age of Data Mining

From the book: “1984” by George Orwell (June, 1949).  A book of science fantasy whose time has come only 60 years after publication.  We thought, long ago, that the world of Winston Smith was a vision of a world that … Continue reading

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I hope you will enjoy this evocative poem by Manuel Bandeira.  Across the world voices rise in song but are lost in the cacophony of language and time.  It is a privilege to make some voices accessible to those who … Continue reading

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The Battle Over Austerity: Where Is It Going?

 November 14th was a date for Europeans to get some attention for the condition of society on the other side of the Atlantic.  For many Americans Europe might as well be on the other side of the planet instead of … Continue reading

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Accommodating the Disabled – An Innocent Teaser

There is a class of people whose needs are mostly ignored (exceptions being ramps and access to public transportation).  These people are denied normal access to emotional and sexual relations.  Even the elderly and divorced are denied simple embraces as … Continue reading

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When Big Brother Knows Everything

One of the more interesting science-fiction books I read as a youth.  At least I thought it was science fiction.  These days it is more descriptive of the world we live in.  Even the privacy of my thoughts is threatened … Continue reading

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Education in the Late, Great, State of California

Many believe the USA is the promised land, which it may have been at one time (if you discount slavery, segregation, union busting, the depression, almost continual war, and ever increasing surveillance, among other things).  Times change, people die (and … Continue reading

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