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Ashaninka: A People in Transition Adapting to the Internet

There are many stories documenting the sad story of the indigenous people of Brazil and Peru moving into a soft focus of the past as the economics and culture of the 21st century renders them redundant.  This is not such … Continue reading

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Terra Preta, “The Lost City of Z,” Amazon Mystery

For background do click on the NYT article.  To those who think that there may be some validity to the notion that early explorers were right in their reports of a large population density in the Amazon backcountry where soil quality would indicate … Continue reading

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Zé Claudio Ribeiro da Silva: Dead in Fight to Save Amazon

This is a testament to a tree hugger and his wife.  A couple whose lives ended for informing on lumber interests that must cut down the forest and move on.  Who informed on the cattle interests who converted the clear … Continue reading

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Danger on the River in Brazil: – Not Huckleberry Finn

Most know I love Brazil. My knowledge is, however, peripheral.  That is, from Rio south to Porto Alegre.  Brazil is big.  There is a lot to see between Rio and Porto Alegre – a lot.  It’s like looking at a … Continue reading

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Awa Under Siege: Brazil’s Lumber Refugees

This could be a story of America’s west one hundred years ago and we all (almost all) grieve about the maltreatment of our indigenous peoples.  Custer, The Choctaw’s Long March, the indian wars, ad nauseum.   While we grieve, Brazil’s … Continue reading

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Belo Monte: Children of the Xingu

  These are the children of the Xingu River. These are the faces that may be displaced as the Belo Monte dam floods the land and people behind the dam. Perhaps you would like to send them a picture of … Continue reading

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Brazil Federal Judge Stops State Road Construction on Indigenous Reserves

UPDATE: 11/9/11 Brazil court OK’s construction of dam (http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9QTDE1O1.htm). Another example of the (sometimes slow) Brazilian legal system limiting  the ability of local states to despoil and ravage indigenous communities.  Of course we will have to see how the appeals … Continue reading

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