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Norquist 2012: Fade to Grey Specter?

I have long questioned the ability of an ideological sophist (lobbyist) to influence (blackmail) the representatives of we, the people, to vote against the interests of the people in order to remain our representatives.  The people’s house, the house of … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Congressman Regarding American Credit Worthiness

An Open Letter to my Congressman, the Honorable  Elton Gallegly I am very upset about the current situation regarding Republican refusal to allow the increase in public debt.  This may not be your fault but rather the fault of a … Continue reading

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Norquist: The GOP’s Grey Eminence

Somewhere in the shadowy past, somewhere between the ascendance of Karl Rove and the fumbling of Ralph Reed, the duplicity of Jack Abramov, and Tom (the Hammer) DeLay, another star was rising on the horizon.   Grover Norquist, differed from the crowd because he … Continue reading

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