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How the US Uses the UN Veto – and How it is Used by Russia and China

I understand the use of  the veto to advance national interests but it is interesting to see what these interests were/are.  The 1970s were a long time ago but the ratio of  US vetoes vs China’s and Russia’s vetoes is … Continue reading

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Comparing Brazilian states with countries

The following link from the Economist compares the GDP of Brazilian states with the GDP of countries in the rest of the world renaming the Brazilian State with a country of equivalent GDP. This is a very interesting graphic and … Continue reading

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Industry: Let Them Eat Croissants

Can a corporation be considered a person if it has no conscience?  One million people to be made redundant by Foxconn by 2013.  It is time for a metaphorical Ned Ludd to step up to make the argument that there have … Continue reading

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Oldest Modern Human Outside of Africa Found

Chinese fossil challenges traditional early-human time line Rachel Kaufman for National Geographic News Published October 25, 2010 A fossil human jawbone discovered in southern Chinais upsetting conventional notions of when our ancestors migrated out of Africa. The mandible, unearthed by paleontologists in China’s … Continue reading

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