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What are the Foundations of the Occupy Movement?

The Occupy movement now exists worldwide as a diaphanous web of people who have been united in their pain and seek change.  The issues vary from country to country but at the base is economic collapse and the tyranny of … Continue reading

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Education in the Late, Great, State of California

Many believe the USA is the promised land, which it may have been at one time (if you discount slavery, segregation, union busting, the depression, almost continual war, and ever increasing surveillance, among other things).  Times change, people die (and … Continue reading

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George Orwell, Noam Chomsky: What Is “Unhistory?”

The Viet Nam war in the rear view mirror.  As a patriotic American veteran of Viet Nam era, I can only shake my head at the cost and loss. Anniversaries From “Unhistory” Monday 6 February 2012 by: Noam Chomsky, Truthout … Continue reading

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Language: Innate or Cultural?

Culture trumps biology in language development, study argues Researchers construct evolutionary trees for four linguistic groups and conclude that cultures, not innate preferences, drive the language rules humans create – contrary to the findings of noted linguists Noam Chomsky and … Continue reading

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